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Literary Journal


WALL is a community space for creative displays. It is a
fresh canvas, a blank surface begging for decoration, a vast white page awaiting our words and images .....
This mixed media painting presents an abstract interplay of bold colors, originally on a 24-inch by 24-inch canvas.
         FREE Mixed media on panel Chris Justice

WALL Literary Journal is a student-produced publication of Saddleback College. Published annually since 2001, the journal is dedicated to providing an open space for creative experimentation. We encourage the unfettered expression of ideas, images, and emotions in literary and artistic works that explore and illuminate the human experience.


Aimed at a multicultural, cross-generational audience, the works represented in the pages of WALL encompass a diversity of voices and visions. This is art in the raw and in the round. We want our readers to laugh and cry, smile and sigh as they immerse themselves in the pleasures and power of art and literature.

View the video below. Click on our list of awards and see the people who help build WALL every year.

WALL Literary Journal Video

WALL Literary Journal Video

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Video by Meishel DeSouto

WALL is produced by students in English 160, Literary Magazine, a 3-unit class taught in the Spring. Students in the class serve as staff members involved in reviewing and selecting student submissions; layout and design; copy editing; and publicity. For information on joining the team that creates WALL, contact Professor Gina Shaffer at

Materials published on this site and in WALL represent the views of the authors and creators, and do not represent the views of Saddleback College or the South Orange County Community College District.



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