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I would like to acknowledge the steadfast support for WALL Literary Journal that comes from campus administrators, faculty, staff, and members of the community. Special thanks goes to Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Dean of the Liberal Arts Division, and Dr. Tod A. Burnett, president of Saddleback College; the South Orange County Community College District Chancellor Debra L. Fitzsimons and the district’s Board of Trustees: Timothy Jemal, James R. Wright, David B. Lang, T.J. Prendergast, III, Marcia Milchiker, Barbara J. Jay, Terri Whitt, and Johnathan Forde. We are especially grateful for generous contributions from the Science Scholarship Foundation.


Stalwart supporters include professors Suki Fisher, Bill Stevenson, Jennifer Hedgecock, Brett Myhren, Bruce Gilman, and Shellie Ochi of the English Department; Giziel Leftwich, Khaver Akhter,  Karen Yang, and Dan Pilioglos of the Liberal Arts Division; Professor Christopher Claflin, Chair of the Graphics Department, and graphic design instructor Rudy Gardea; Professor Larry Radden of the Speech Department; Bob Rickerson, Nina Welch, and Joyce Speakman of the Division of Fine Arts and Media Technology; Professors Timothy Posada, chair of the Journalism Department, Maryanne Shults, and Ali Dorri.


Assisting in the development of this website were Matthew Durham, editor-in-chief of WALL 2015; Meishel DeSouto, graphic designer of WALL 2015; Karyn Renee Bailey, editor-in-chief of WALL 2016; and Leanne Black, graphic designer and art editor of WALL 2016; Matt Brodet, media production specialist in the Fine Arts Division; Ana Maria Cobos of the Library Services Department; Valerie Senior and Vivian Nguyen of the Faculty Center for Student Success; English professors Suki Fisher, Brett Myhren, and Bridget Hoida Mulholland; Photography Department Chair Ryan Even; Journalism Department Chair Timothy Posada; Graphic Design Department Chair Chris Claflin; graphic designer Kristen Bush; and Archie Bagnall, president of the Orange County chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Gina Victoria Shaffer

Professor of English, Saddleback College

Faculty Advisor, WALL Literary Journal

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