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Poem by Alyssa Shishkov
Music by Sam Iacometti
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                 I dropped my phone in oatmeal today and it'll never be the same.

                 That's really all I wanted to say, but since you’re here, please stay.

     Do you wanna hear more about the oatmeal thing or maybe something else?

                                             It's really not that big of a deal.

                                         It's a story to tell and vanilla as hell.


    The case clinging to my committed touch, the camera an eternal dream scene.

      It's covered in sugar and lagging too much, guess this is also the end of me.


                               Whatever I was looking at, I hope it feels special

                                            And comforted as does my mind

                              To know there's a place where the answers all lie:

                                                     It's called block





                                                       Dearly Beloved

                                               Please leave me alone.

                         You were there for the grace, we were all logged on.

                                Also, everyone lied: there's no "better place."                    

                              I'm about to die, can you please call my mom?


                         But what if I miss something someone's not posted?

                                            How will I know who will cry?

                                  It's too late now I'll forever be ghosted.                                                                                                   Pick up the phone.

                                                     Go a little bit blind.

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