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Karyn fell in love with writing in her moments floating in an abyss of sorrow and confusion. Her favorite type of writing is creative nonfiction because it reworks the truth in a way that brings meaning to even the most chaotic of circumstances. She is inspired most by the brilliance of her peers and the support of those who love her unconditionally. She can be reached at karynrenee@yahoo.com.



Gina Victoria Shaffer teaches composition and creative writing as a professor of English at Saddleback College. She previously served on the faculty of UCLA Writing Programs. Before becoming an educator, she worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, and theater critic. A published playwright whose works have been staged throughout Southern California and in New York, she earned her Ph.D. in English at UC Irvine. 

LEANNE BLACK, Art Editor/Graphic Designer/Layout Editor


With coffee as dark as her last name in hand, Leanne embraces the creative process in design and photography. When she’s not creating design solutions, she’s probably cheering for her beloved LA Galaxy or spending time outdoors with her crazy dog Cozmo. You can visit her website at www.bylmb.com.

TAWNYE VAUGHAN, Graphic Designer/Layout Editor

Tawnye has been studying graphic design at Saddleback College. As owner of Flame of the Soul Design, she is a self-proclaimed romantic with an eye for design and an empathetic connection with her clients. One of her main philosophies is that anything can be a canvas: a wall, hair, makeup, nails, a desk, paper, concrete, even skin. You can contact her at www.flameofthesouldesign.com. 


Christopher is an English student who likes coffee, beaches, hikes, city streets, redwood trees, strange conversations with friends and strangers, and, occasionally, writing about these things. He has appeared on stage in Saddleback’s productions of All in the Timing and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Send him your questions, comments, critiques, anonymous confessions, odd anecdotes, and rambling monologues at christophershonafelt@gmail.com.

SARA HUMZEH, Fiction Editor/Copy Editor


Sara Humzeh spends most of her days slinking along cobblestoned paths in the shadows of ancient towns, gazing in awe at the jauntily dancing flags bearing the crests of kings and queens. An avid reader of all fiction genres and a Star Wars fanatic, Sara is majoring in creative writing with a keen interest in Romantic literature and medieval history. She dreams of scriptwriting as she works towards completing her first novel.








MEGANE BROWNE-ALLARD, Personal Narrative Editor

Megane enjoys buying books but unfortunately does not end up reading most of them. Her talents include pointing out cute dogs, practicing yoga, and making tea that she usually forgets to drink. She is studying English at the University of Oregon. She is very fond of stories and is always happy to receive book recommendations. You can contact her at mbrowneallard@gmail.com.










Alik is a simple man who finds solace in creativity. He can often be found patiently perusing through crates of records or scrupulously sifting through clothing at dime stores and thrift shops. His precarious endeavor as a writer began at Saddleback College and will continue at whatever institution his wavering mind chooses to attend thereafter. He is very grateful for his family, colleagues and friends for their affection and contribution to his life and story. 


M. MONGE, Poetry Editor


M. Monge is an aging human being who traverses the great unknown. All she knows is that she knows nothing, and yet she hopes this nothing might be filled with possibilities and plight. “I don’t know, maybe” is etched in her soul to remind her that when she writes the future is ever changing. Impractical ideas are her specialty and being neurotically on time is her defining trait. She also loves to sleep.  Mad is dedicated to those who know they have nothing to lose to this empty world.    










CARLOS MARQUINA, Photography Editor


Carlos is an ambitious photographer with talent prevailing early in the photography realm. His eyes hold fast to skateboarding with artwork recognized by skateboard magazines. More of his work can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/carlosmarquina/.


MADELINE GONZALES, Publicity Chair, Personal Narrative Committee


Madeline Gonzales is a 20-year-old communications major with a strong love for dance, photography, and her family. She is not a writer, but she appreciates a well-written book. A lot of things still scare her, but she is doing her best to ensure that her imagination isn’t one of them.

Inquiries: madelinerae14@gmail.com







RACHEL O'SHAUGHNESSY, Copy Editor/ Personal Narrative Committee

Rachel plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, a minor in performing arts, and a master’s in education. She’s thinking about becoming a freelance writer or novelist while being an English teacher for K-12 students. When she is not studying for her classes, she can be found spending time with her friends and family, practicing her music, through piano and voice alike, and writing articles for theodysseyonline.com.

BLAKE PUCHALSKI, Copy Editor/Fiction Committee


Blake loves to read and become engrossed in of a variety of stories and formats including, but not limited to, books, shows, movies, or even comics; he’s a DC Universe guy. His passion for seeing fictional worlds become clear, unique, and defined environments helped pave his aspiration to one day become a professional editor and writer. The constant encouragement from both family and friends help generate his desire to share amazing stories.

LAUREN WEIHERER, Copy Editor/Fiction Committee


Lauren Weiherer has had an affinity for words since she was in second grade and wrote a story (admittedly rather unoriginal) about a dog and his adventures. She is studying English at UC Berkeley and hopes to pursue a career through which she can continue to utilize her love for literature; she also hopes to pursue a life that is just as full as the pages of those books. Her favorite activities include losing herself in a story, viewing and capturing the world through the lens of a camera, and finding transcendence in music.


Staffers Karyn Renee Bailey and Christopher Shonafelt read poetry at a WALL event at Saddleback College.

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